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Luiz Avellar composed “Quotidiano” as old memories came to him. Still in Rio de Janeiro, and in a nostalgic atmosphere “Quotidiano” took shape, as forms appearing in memories turned into music.


These include memories of Avellar’s childhood and of his first piano teacher, Wilma Graça, who lived at “Rua do Sol Maior” (“G Major Street) and whose classes were attended by several big names of Brazilian Popular Music, such as Milton Nascimento, Edu Lobo, Gilson Peranzzetta or Luis Eça. For Luiz Avellar, to be a part of this world at such a young age was a dream come true, a music house, a fantasy world.


In a more jazzy atmosphere, we have “Conversa de Botequim”, “Falatório” or “Jazz & Whisky”, to name some of the more adult and bohemian memories. Samba and bossa nova appear in this work linked to memories of love, relaxation and leisure, such as the ones we find in “E por falar em Amor”, or “Fim de Semana”.


Once again, Luiz Avellar skilfully combines into his pieces several atmospheres and rhythms, such as samba, bossa nova and jazz with more erudite others, in a masterful and virtuous blend of piano styles.


Luiz Avellar


Coisas do Quotidiano
E por Falar de Amor
Fim de Semana
Conversa de Botequim
Sem Pressa
Tigres e Dragões