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Dubbed the David Oïstrakh of the harmonica by French critic Oliver Bellamy and compared by Luiz Paulo Horta to musicians Andrés Segovia and Mstislav Rostropovich, due to his initiatives for the development and dissemination of his instrument, José Staneck has a style of his own, in which elements from concert music, Brazilian popular music and jazz come together to produce a striking sound and expressiveness. These are all characteristics that hinted at a perfect combination with Luiz Avellar’s unique piano style. Add a long-standing friendship between the two, and the album “Pés Descalços” was bound to happen.


In the early 2000s, Luiz Avellar and Joseph Staneck gave concerts as a duo, on the stages of Rio de Janeiro. At the time, Luiz Avellar’s music was played in a melodious and perfectly executed rendition by José Staneck’s harmonica. In 2005, due to the success of these live performances, they decide to record this repertoire, in an album that was only now released.


José Staneck studied functional harmony with Isidoro Kutno, aesthetic analysis with the conductor and composer H.J. Koeullreutter and interpretation with Nailson Simões. In 2007, he obtained a Master’s Degree in Music from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro – UNIRIO and directed the Musiarte Integrated Music Course for 15 years. He performs with several chamber ensembles and has played as a soloist in various national and international symphony orchestras, such as: The Brazilian Symphony Orchestra, Petrobrás Sinfónica, Paraíba, Bahia, Porto Alegre, Nacional, Recife, Curitiba, Goiás, Belém e Espírito Santo, the National Symphony of Lima – Peru, the Orquestra I Musici de Montreal, or the Radamés Gnattali String Quartet, led by famous conductors such as Carlos Veiga, Yeruham Scharovsky, Silvio Barbato, Alceu Bocchino, Roberto Duarte, Norton Morozowicz, Helder Trefzger, Antonio Del Claro, Yuli Turovsky, Carlos Prazeres, Maurizio Colassanti, Jean Reis, Alfredo Barros, Marcos Virmond and Evgueni Ratchev.


Luiz Avellar
José Staneck


Bem vindo ao Rio
Buena Vista
Do outro lado do mundo
Pés descalços
Pierrôt no Frêvo
Possibilidades 1
Possibilidades 2
Tranças de Maria