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“Mãos e Garganta” was, first and foremost, a musical encounter between two friends: Luiz Avellar and Fernando Girão. Although they were born in Brazil, they are both citizens of the world. They both lived in several countries, taking in various musical trends and perfecting their technique, while sharing the stage with a wide number of artists of worldwide fame.


The project “Mãos e Garganta” is the perfect symbiosis between the nobility and elegance of the piano and the unfathomable heights that the human voice can reach. It is a true tribute to Art in its essence. The symbiosis achieved by Luiz Avellar and Fernando Girão in this project is, at times, so perfect that one gets the feeling that they can hear Girão’s “throat” in Avellar’s hands and Avellar’s “hands” in Girão’s “throat”.


Luiz Avellar is a piano virtuoso. His life is inseparable from Art and from his Gift for this musical instrument. He started playing piano at the early age of six. At the age of 20, he took an Orchestration course in New York. He has played with many prominent names, such as Djavan, Gal Costa, Milton Nascimento, Simone, Wayne Shorter, Toots Thieleman, Billy Cobban, among others. He also recorded several solo albums.


Fernando Girão’s singing is one of a kind in the whole world. His unmistakable voice and his natural improvisation skills have awarded him worldwide notoriety.  Son of Brazilian singer Maria Girão and Portuguese guitar player Fernando de Freitas, Fernando Girão’s artistic career began at a very early age. He has lived in a number of countries, such as Brazil (his homeland), Portugal, Spain, France, England, Morocco, Angola and the United States. His life experiences allowed him to take in various musical styles and to perform alongside several major artists, such as John Beasley, Airto Moreira, Chick Corea, Flora Purim, Alphonso Johnson, Alex Acuña, Harvey Mason, John B. Williams, Abe Laboriel, John Patittucci, Joey Heredia, Luís Conte, Ernie Watts, Rick Pantoja, Ricardo Silveira and Cassio Duarte, among others. In Portugal, he has performed with artists such as Adelaide Ferreira, Carlos do Carmo, Dulce Pontes, Filipe Larsen, Janita Salomé, Jorge Palma, Lara Li, Laurent Philipe, Luís Represas, Mafalda Veiga, Maria João, Miguel Ângelo, Olavo Bilac, Ernesto Leite, Paulo Gonzo, Rão Kyao, Tim and Zé Pedro and Zézé N’Gambi.


Thus, given the high degree of maturity and musical maturation that each musician has reached at this point of their careers, and due to the fusion of their music, to a point where the two sound as one, this project promises to be a turning point for world music.


Luiz Avellar
Fernando Girão


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