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With the rules of improvisation already broken and tested on stage, with the project “Desafio Musical”, featuring António Victorino D’Almeida and Luiz Avellar, the musicians decide to break the boundaries of the duo and invite accordionist Paulo Ferreira.


The same rules apply: there are none. The only certainty is knowledge, focus and listening, which lead these three musicians and composers to create quality, on the spot and without a net, a unique and unrepeatable concert. A language that transports the audience to various atmospheres.


Paulo Jorge Ferreira completed a complementary course in accordion at the Vitorino Matono Music Institute and subsequently completed his studies at the School of Applied Arts of Castelo Branco. He has performed solo recitals and chamber music concerts, both within the country and at international events, namely in France, Mexico, Belgium, Austria, Italy, Macau, Spain, Hungary, the Netherlands and Germany, having played with many renowned Portuguese and foreign musicians. Throughout his career, he has performed in some of the most important European concert halls, such as the Musik Werein, Muziekgebouw, De Single, Odéon Theatre de L’Europe, Teátrum House of Future, Berliner Philarmoniker, among others.


He has performed as a guest musician with various symphonic and chamber orchestras, such as the Beijing Orchestra, the Gulbenkian Orchestra, the Portuguese Symphonic Orchestra, the Porto Symphony Orchestra Casa da Música, Sinfonietta de Lisboa, Orchestra Utópica, the Remix Ensemble, and as a soloist with the Esart Ensemble, Remix Ensemble, Cascais and Oeiras Chamber Orchestra and the Portuguese Symphonic Band, having worked with famous international conductors, such as Stefan Asbury, Jürjen Hempel, Lawrence Foster, Peter Rundel, Martin André, Emílio Pomàrico and Carl St. Clair. He regularly collaborates with the Remix Ensemble, the Gulbenkian Orchestra and the Porto Symphony Orchestra Casa da Música. He is currently a teacher of accordion and chamber music at the School of Applied Arts of Castelo Branco and at the National Conservatory Music School. He is also the artistic director of the Folefest accordion festival and competition.


Luiz Avellar
António Vitorino d’Almeida
Paulo Jorge Ferreira