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With a career of over 30 years, in 2007, Luiz Avellar heads to Europe and, after a few months working in Paris, he settles in Portugal, beginning a new stage in 2008, with the release of his first solo album in Lusitanian lands, “Contrastes”.


This album’s music pieces had already been created, and yet they had never been played. Songs that were written in an unknown past and that inhabited the artist’s mind every time the composer would listen to them. They have always been a part of his everyday life. He then decides to record them, to set them free, both from the memories and the songs.


“Contrastes” was recorded in only 3 days, in Paços de Brandão, in the north of Portugal. Just weeks before the recording, Luiz Avellar was still halfway through the composing process of songs like “Carrossel”, which were only played and finished at the piano, on the day of the recording. Or a tribute to Nelson Freire’s renditions of Schumann’s works, to which he was listening on the train ride to the studio, and which resulted in the track “Master Raro”, recorded in one take once he got there.


This album is illustrative of this change in the life of the composer. “Esquina da Fé” or “Mango Pickle” are perfect examples of tracks that reflect the restaurants and new environments he frequented in his new neighbourhood in Lisbon. The discovery of his love for Lisbon in “Europa”. The nostalgia contained in “Inverno”. Or the discovery of Iberia and his admiration for Spanish music in “Chama” or “Ibérica”.


Luiz Avellar


Conversa de Botequim


Esquina da Fé

Rio de Janeiro

Mango Pickle

Master Raro


Possibilidades 1



Nosso Menino


Vôo da Mosca